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Bicycle Wholesale

At Tony O'Regan Wholesale we are one of Ireland’s leading wholesalers of top quality bicycles, supplying a number of retailers nationwide. We strive to supply our customers with the best quality bicycles at some of the most affordable prices available on the market. As we are a wholesaler we do not sell directly to customers, however, we do work to ensure customers are receiving the best deals through our close partnerships with our brands. If you have any queries, we have a skilled team available who can assist you in sourcing the right products for your outlet. We also have an efficient delivery service, so no matter where in the country you are we will be able to supply your bikes.

Our products include:

〉 Mountain Bikes
〉 Hybrid Trekking Bikes

〉 Kids Bikes
〉 Kiddie Trailers

〉 Tagalongs

Parts & Accessories

We also stock a huge range of bicycle parts and accessories, all sourced from trusted brands in order to guarantee their quality. We provide parts and accessories for all types of bicycles including mountain bikes, trekking bikes, kid’s bikes and more, all of which are offered at competitive prices.

To learn more about our parts and accessories range give us a call.

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